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  1. Another Buckled Alloy

    I claimed for my alloy a couple of years ago and got paid full for my wheel. I was glad about that, and also I was glad I took photos too as the within a few days the council was there filling it up with tarmac. Photos don't tell lies especially with time and date on. Hope you get paid for your wheel. GOOD LUCK
  2. Well Hello

    Na then boys and girls, hows tha all doing. My name is Mick but usually get called allsorts of daft sware names. I am at the moment running the new shaped fiesta 2009 model. Must admit its damn quick. In the past 40 years I must have owned over 15 fords from Anglia Capri Cortina Escort Cougar and also my loved Fiesta. I live near Skipton North Yorks Talk to whoever replies. Have a good day. Mick