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  1. figured it out, I had to take a 12v+ feed from my curtasy light and set the return feed to pin 2 on the light switch. using hte light switch pins only delivered 7v supply wihc did not light up the lights.
  2. i have followed this guide and got to where i need, however when it comes to splicing the 12v supply, i tried pin 11 and 12 but they only provided 1.5v and when they where connected they turned on the rear fog light. im still trying to fiigure out what pair to splice again without damaging any more wires.
  3. thanks guys im going to take it into the shop again to have some investigation done. the flood damage was over two months ago and i have done about 2k miles since it started, the nocking sound only happens 1 or 2 days a week for about 10 mins. the oil, and filters where changed already.
  4. im confused, you say its doen for but after reading this webpage all the engiens compelatly failed, my engine has never failed or had a tough time starting?
  5. So my Fiesta was involved in a raver dramatic flooding event recently. trying to cross a flooded road in a last ditched effort to get home after 6 hours stuck at work, i managed to flood out my engine crossing a roundabout while the engine was running. along with the 15 other cars around me. i managed to get the engine started after 30 mins and pushing it out of the water. it did not sound very well at all and a whining sound constantly starting up and slowing down when ideling. i took my fiesta to the garage the next day and as i was driving it there it was making a ticking sound or knocking sound. but no engine lights and performance seemed ok. the repair shop said i was lucky and changed my air filter which was soaking wet, my oil and filters. which where fine but changed just in case. However its now two months later and i still occasionally get the tapping sound form the engine, its usually just when i start the car during the day on hot days. the tapping sound seems to only last 5 or 10 mins until the engine has warmed up. Im unsure what it could be as the engine preforms fine. Does anyone have any idea what it could be? Thanks for your time PS: its a 1.25 Style+
  6. Try not to park in unsavoury places :P
  7. not petrol engines.
  8. also to respond the the sidelight LED's i bought that where recommended. One of the burnt out after 2 days. the 2nd one burned out after a week. So i bought a Philips blue-vision set and they are way better :)
  9. Lenny you are the master!
  10. Well i bought the loom from the very kind fellow above. and have installed it. Only to realise i didnt have the bulb holders.... Does anyone know where these are available or an alternative? i have tried ebay and google without any luck. Thanks
  11. is their a guide for installing the wiring if your car dosnt have the wiring in-place?
  12. Just got my pair delivered and installed! looks good! i kinda want HID's now however the legal issue and cost are shying me away, do HIDS effect your isnurance? (Modification?)
  13. it only works if you gently lift the clutch without applying any revs. similar to a diesel... but doesn't work very well, slightest gradient and your dead in the water.
  14. Ok, are they road legal, and if not. would LED side lights be ok to have? If so can anyone recommend me some bright sideligts? preferable around 5000/6000k. i just had to replace my dipped beams with some 4 quid sheepOs as they blew on my way to work recently.
  15. Performance is great, if you can afford to shuv 50 quid notes into your fuel tank on a daily basis! :P