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  1. Hi everyone My partner has just bought a 09 plate Ford Fiesta Titanium, and taken deliver yesterday. With the car only being young, we were expecting everything to be working more or less perfectly. And it all seems to be, with the exception of the automatic rear view! As far as my untrained eyes can see, the unit has 2 "things" on the front - they look like 1 sensor and 1 LED, but potentially it's 2 sensors or 2 LEDS.. Certainly, nothing is lighting up when I'd expect it too, and the mirror itself doesn't seem to be dimming when there's glare behind. Neither of us have had one before so to be fair we don't really know what we're looking for, and i'm usually much too lazy to actually manually move them! Can anyone cast any light (haha) on the situation - should they be lighting up and what sort of difference should there be? Thanks in advance all