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  1. Glow Plug Help!

    Right! Some of you will think im usless but for the life of me I cant locate the glow plugs in my Focus! 2.0 tdci ghia 05 plate. Any help,pictures or even a link would be much appreciated!!!
  2. Starting Woes Are Back :(

    Thanks for the quick reply! I have new glow plugs in my stockroom(garage!).Bought them ages ago but couldnt find the old ones on the engine!(Yeah I know...what an idiot!) Where are they on the car?
  3. Starting Woes Are Back :(

    Hi folks back again! My 2005 2.0l tdci Focus has once again developed a starting problem. Basically if dosent fire up with the first turn of key it will take numerous turns to start(easily 20 or so turns!). When it does start it runs perfectly! Plenty of life in the battery,and the engine cranks but sometimes wont start. This problem has been getting worse recently and before I take it to Ford I was hoping some of you could suggest any fixes or ideas to sort this out!
  4. Hi folks! Brother owns a 07 plate fiesta ST. He's away working in Saudi Arabia for a month. I was reversing his car into the garage when I hit the door mirror breaking the casing! Found the mirror man web site which seems quite reasonably priced but I have two questions. 1.Has anyone used this company and if so,how was it?(quality etc;) 2.Is the wing mirrors the same in all the fiestas of this age or is the ST a different mirror? Thanks
  5. 2.0 Tdci Starting Problems

    After bumping goes fine!
  6. 2.0 Tdci Starting Problems

    It cranks but just dosent fire.As I said sometimes it starts first crank sometimes it takes 2 or 3 cranks but after 10 or so I give up and resort to bumping it!
  7. 2.0 Tdci Starting Problems

    I have an intermittent starting issue with my Focus. Sometimes it fires first turn of the key.The next time it might take 2 or 3 turns and then now and again it turns over but wont start. Plenty of life in the battery and when it dosent start a bump down a hill does the trick. Otherwise its running perfect. Any suggestions? Before I have to take it to Ford and part with a shitload of dosh!
  8. 05 Tdci 2.0 Glow Plugs

    Hi, Sorry for coming over a bit thick but where are the glow plugs on a 2.0 tdci? I think ive located them,(on top of the engine!!! with two wires going into them but Im struggling from there on! If it is them how do you get the connector and what looks like a plastic cover off?
  9. 2.0 Tdci Ghia Help Please!

    One last question! If it is the DPF can my local independent garage replace it an the top up the EOLYS and reset the ECU? I know he uses a guy that can do the full diagnostic with his computer,will he be able to reset it or does it have to go to Ford? Thanks for all the help I will get it checked out asap! Oh one very last question! Will it do any more harm to keep running the car in the meantime?
  10. 2.0 Tdci Ghia Help Please!

    Thanks for your response John. Just changed the fuel filter a couple of weeks ago as I thought this might be the problem,but the filter I took out wasnt that dirty. I do around 66 miles a day on a A road duel carriageway i.e. 70mph! As for the DPF I have no idea if it has one or not....is it easy to look underneath and see it? And if it does have a DPF can it be changed DIY or would it be recommended to leave it to the experts?
  11. 2.0 Tdci Ghia Help Please!

    Sorry its a 05 plate and done around 81,000 miles. Its also been a bit of nuisance to start especially when the engine is warm(sometimes 7 cranks!),cold starting dosent seem to be a problem.
  12. 2.0 Tdci Ghia Help Please!

    Hi folks, My focus 2.0 tdci has developed an annoying problem. It feels like the turbo is slow to respond causing me to sometimes having to drop down a gear to get the turbo to kick in. Anyone got any ideas??? Cheers
  13. Starnge Problem 05 Tdci 2.0

  14. Starnge Problem 05 Tdci 2.0

    Hoping for some help/advice on my Focus 2.0 TDCI on a 05 plate. Now and again when starting, the engine fires up and just ticks over.When i press the accelerator nothing just keeps ticking over. When this happens i just keep on starting/restarting until she fires up properly. This dosent happen on a daily basis but maybe once or twice a week,but it did happen at the pumps the other day and it took about six or seven retries for it to fire up. What seems strange to me is that when it goes it goes really well with no problems or difference in the MPG! Anyone got any ideas or fixes for this? Cheers