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  1. You probably need a stethoscope to confirm where the noise is coming from if its mechanically driven. If its driven off the auxiliary belt you may need to take it off. and run it. Its been a long time since I delved into a motor that far.
  2. Whole car shuddering at that speed suggests it is the rear end. It could just be rear wheel balancing and or tracking.
  3. Very nice. Thinking of getting mine stickered up.
  4. Ive just fitted the Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited's to my ST main and full beam and they are so much better than stock.
  5. Last KA we had with a constant grinding noise was due to the water pump being on the way out.
  6. Either the Heater Control Valve is stuck closed or the Thermostat is stuck open.
  7. That sounds like a cop out. If it is a 2016 car it should be covered by the manufacturers warranty. If the car is suffering from water ingress this is a manufacturing fault/issue and should also be sorted. Ive never heard of a 2016 car with such a problem before, or is this a different car to the one you have listed against your name?
  8. Its your rear wheels that need either balancing or the tyre wear is very uneven. When its the rear the whole car feels like vibrating at around 70mph. If its the front it tends only to be a vibration through the steering wheel at around 30mph.
  9. Ive never had the Nightbreakers blow on me and Ive used these in numerous cars. I have just purchased the latest Nightbreaker Unlimited's which are supposed to be more reliable and brighter still than previous types. I only fitted these Yesterday so haven't had a chance to test these out yet.
  10. You could try disconnecting the battery for 15 minutes and see if that corrects the issue.
  11. I'm really impressed with how much LED's have improved over the last two years. Unfortunately I just ordered some Osram Unlimited bulbs as the ST2 headlights are really no good for the cars performance with standard bulbs. My previous BMW had Xenons which were great and are sorely missed. I have used Nightbreakers on numerous cars with great results before but will look to try the LED's once they are CE approved.
  12. Its already got one. When you turn the ignition off, do you get a message on the screen to press ok to deactivate interior sensor?
  13. It could still be the clutch. You have more torque in 2nd and 3rd gear than at 30 mph in 5th which would put more strain on it.
  14. Thanks for the review. I have been thinking about ordering one. At the moment ex demo versions are costing more than brand new due to the long lead in times. I find the Focus ST turning circle is bad enough and have to reverse park where I can as you can never drive in and get it straight. I should imagine the RS is worse. But hey, its an RS. The boot space does bother me as well as there are times we need the room. The Mk 2.5 was a fair bit larger than the Mk 3. I may even consider an ST Estate. Shame they haven't got an RS one.