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  1. Spray up and down the guides that the windows slide up and down in with the window down. Its usually these that cause the glass to get stuck.
  2. We started using Aldi about a year ago and am saving around £50 a week when compared to Asda. Asda is our local Supermarket and its a 6 mile drive to Aldi but well worth it. We are happy with the equivalent stuff and there are only a few items we have to get elsewhere. The savings are more than paying for my Wife's new car.
  3. Try some silicon spray down the runners and on any of the mechanism you can get to.
  4. Try Nail Polish remover that does not contain Acetone. Try it somewhere you cant see first though.
  5. Just make sure you have a clean connection to the live to the reversing light and a good earth. It will be fine. Fitted some on my ST Focus and it looks factory fit.
  6. What type of battery is on there? Hope its not a Lead Acid battery. That would cook with the Smart Charge system.
  7. Happy it worked out to be the best result for you.
  8. Sounds like the pollen filter is bunged up. Needs replacing.
  9. Are you sure the compressor has packed up. If there isn't enough gas in the system it wont kick in to stop it seizing up. It needs the gas to circulate the PAG oil which lubricates it.
  10. As MJT says. You must pull the dipstick, wipe it then put it back in before checking the level for that very reason.
  11. Its only surface rust on untreated parts. An 8 year old car is going to show some signs of this. I would just waxoil all those bits yourself. Its a messy job but well worth doing.
  12. That is appalling customer service. How do they expect to compete with other dealers when they treat customers this way. I should add that our local Lookers Dealer in South Woodham Ferrers is excellent.
  13. I think the white would be ok on a darker blue.
  14. I hope it was just a blip. Is there a chance the battery was low? This can cause allsorts of issues with Fords.
  15. The ad says its got leather seats which it quite obviously hasn't.