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  1. You will also require the headlamp washers and the auto light leveling system to go with the Xenons to be road legal and insurable.
  2. Looking at the picture, I don't think that should cost too much to repair. See if you can find a small body repair shop to do it. If you can find one that is recommended that would be ideal. The larger repairers charge way over the top.
  3. As they get older the presents get smaller but far more expensive. Then there's the other costs like helping them with the first car and in my daughters case I still pay for her vocal lessons (she's a singer). This year she wanted a load of recording gear so she could record her own music videos. That's everything from a Studio Mike to a quality camera. I hope it starts to pay back one day soon.
  4. Much better than stock. Nice pure white light rather than the chavy blue tints. Go for the Osram Night Breaker Ultimates or better (if they have them).
  5. I've never had to replace Osram Nightbreakers. Always found these reliable.
  6. Mr

    If wiring, fuses and connections ok, it can only be the switch in the gearbox. I don't know my way around the Fusion so cant help you any more than that unfortunately.
  7. Ive not heard of this before. All you can check is if the motor is free and check the power to it and the resistor. Good luck.
  8. Are you sure the battery is good? Have you had it tested? If it is ok, I would disconnect it for a few hours and then reconnect and try again to reset everything.
  9. It does sound like a sticky or lazy thermostat. Your other issue may not have been the HCV itself but the controller to it which is on the reverse side of the heater dial. You can test if this is working by putting a voltmeter on the connections to the HCV with the ignition on and the voltage should go up and down as you turn the heater knob.
  10. The Osram Night breakers are the best bulbs I used. Don't go for eBay Xenon bulbs. Standard bulbs are better than those things.
  11. Heater Control Valve probably needs replacing. This will be the cause of your not getting cold air and is a common issue. Check the expansion tank doesn't have a split in it and replace the cap. Again these are common problems. Also the thermostat housing warps after so many years and causes a leak and like the other items a loss of pressure in the system. As far as the aircon goes I bought a top up bottle with PAG oil and a leak fix included in the mix and this fixed our old Sport KA and my daughters Luxury version. Good luck with it.
  12. If you have a bulb on one side you should have the bulb holder on the other side as well. Unless Ford have really started penny pinching.
  13. Sounds like the leads if these haven't been changed for some time. Because plugs are not touched for years these days the leads don't like being pulled about much.
  14. When were the plugs last checked/changed? If plugs are new the gap may be too big. Has your induction system got a cold air feed?
  15. Welcome Ross. I'm a frequent visitor to Shropshire as I have family in Oswestry and Ellesmere.