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  1. I think the white would be ok on a darker blue.
  2. I hope it was just a blip. Is there a chance the battery was low? This can cause allsorts of issues with Fords.
  3. The ad says its got leather seats which it quite obviously hasn't.
  4. You've done a great job on that. Hope mine looks that good at 14 years.
  5. I fitted a windows based one in one of my old Focus's. Fitting was easy. The connections weren't great and need some manipulating to get the canbus to work. There are masses of wires and these can be a little difficult to tuck away. The steering controls still worked. I fitted a reversing camera to mine and was very pleased to find the screen automatically showed the rear view when reverse was selected. The sound quality was ok but not as good as the factory fit. TV is a waste of time as you need an aerial the size of a house to get a signal. DVD worked fine and if you want it to work while in motion (not legal) the earth that goes to the handbrake can just be connected to any earth. Satnav used IGO software which I really like.
  6. Never heard of them and cant find anything on the net.
  7. Is it standard aircon or climate control? If the latter a self test will reset it and may fix the issue. Instructions Activation of self-diagnosis With the ignition switched on to position 2, on the E(A)TC module, PRESS the "OFF" and "FOOTWELL" buttons simultaneously very briefly, then PRESS "AUTO" within 1.5 seconds. The self-diagnosis which then starts lasts a few seconds. An animated display appears in the E(A)TC display during this time. Any faults found are displayed in the form of trouble codes. Example: First of all, "93" flashes for 2 seconds, then "42" flashes for 2 seconds - DTC 9342. If no faults are stored, then all of the segments in the display are actuated. Diagnosis mode can be stopped at any time by PRESSING any button on the E(A)TC module. Note: If the "DEFROST" button is pressed to end the diagnosis mode, all DTCs in the fault memory will be deleted! Fault Codes B1200 Any button of the air conditioning system Button jammed/stuck B1242* Air recirculation flap: fault in the circuit Open circuit/short circuit B1251 Interior temperature sensor: open circuit Check the wire and the sensor B1253 Interior temperature sensor: short to earth Check the wire and the sensor B1261 Sun load sensor short to earth Check the wire and the sensor B1262 Air distribution flap - defrost fault in the Check the wiring; defrost flap circuit positioning motor B1263 Air distribution flap - centre vents: fault Check the wiring; centre vents in the circuit positioning motor B1342 Automatic climate control module inoperative The trouble code is set in the event of failure. B1676 Insufficient battery voltage Battery voltage not in the range 9 - 16V B2266 Temperature flap: fault in the circuit Check the wiring and the temperature flap positioning motor B2297 Heater housing outlet sensor: open circuit Check the wiring and the sensor B2298 Heater housing outlet sensor: short to earth Check the wiring and the sensor B2308 Interior temperature sensor for the fan Damaged motor or open circuit motor inoperative B2516 Blower: fault in the circuit Damaged motor or open circuit
  8. It may be worth changing the pads. Cooked pads do start to make some odd noises and often cause juddering from high speeds especially if they have not been bedded in before heavy braking. I would fit new pads on the front and take it easy for 200 miles before heavy braking. It may be your current pads are from a bad batch.
  9. It could be the Idle Control Valve. Sometimes a good clean can fix it but otherwise you may need to replace it. Check the pipes going into it haven't perished as well.
  10. Have you tried changing the battery in the fob?
  11. There's no need to shout.
  12. Very nice. I always liked the look of those.
  13. You can buy the diamond bright two stage treatment off of eBay for about £10.
  14. Did you change the Engine Manage unit as well?
  15. I learned today that the likes of Deloittes, KPMG, Earnst & Young and PWC charge extortionate rates when they really don't have a clue about corporate finances. Think I should apply for a job with one of these.