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  1. if your still looking to do this, then do a DIY job :) primer paint and laquer £9.00, only £3.00 a rattle can and you only need one of each. just make sure you remove all the texture from on the wing mirror before spraying. :)
  2. for a decent respray your looking £1200-£2000, just get the car machine polished it will remove most if not all scratches, and as for stone chips maybe enquire about a smart repair?? hope this helps
  3. is the 1.25 16v zetec easy on fuel?
  4. hey just wondering which is the better and faster engine to have!? my car is a 1.3 Encore to be honest....its rather !Removed!! just wondering if the 1.25 Zetec engine would be better and faster?? cheers for replys!