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  1. Deffo warrenty. Mine is 2 years old and was repaired for free under warrenty.
  2. It would be the Heating control unit needs replacing. Mine got reconfigured that didn't work and now they have replaced it, and it's all blissful silence from now on :) Get it into the dealer it's all under warrenty.
  3. Annoyingly enough your right! So it's back into the garage today lol. Second attempt to fix it.
  4. I have this exact problem, it's the control unit for the climate control specifically what measures the temperature to keep it stable. The dealer can fix it by recalibrating the unit or even replacing it if necessary. Having it done to my car on Thursday and all should be fine again. Drives me up the wall
  5. Hi all, I've had a little problem with my fiesta the other day. Basically from start up it had limited power and would not let me go above 2500 revs or 50mph in any gear. It was literally just stuck there like it had no power at all.. There wasn't any engine warning lights or anything. Turned it off and on and it seems to be ok now, but I dont want that to happen again, I don't like being stuck at 50mph on the motorway.
  6. Hi all, Recently my car seems to be developing a problem of getting itself into reverse, it just doesn't seem to want to go, and when it does it occasionally pops out? All the fluid levels are correct in the car as it only went to the garage the other day. Anyone got any ideas?
  7. ESP has been standard on the titanium range from the start. I have a 59 Plate and it has ESP on it.
  8. Never heard of it... It seems alot cheaper than everyone else though.
  9. Thats surprising since mine regularly averages 70mpg, driving with flow of traffic.
  10. Go on the website and look then...It's clearly explained
  11. Far as I know it's all still covered by warrenty. It's not a huge difference I dont think.
  12. It is right, it's the new upgrade.
  13. Well it would go up quite alot as your inexperience. Probs about £200 - £500 But go on money supermarket and do some quotes.
  14. Also I was just looking at these and they're not cheap at £400... Has anyone got it fitted and what do you think?
  15. I would like something like this, I find in the standard 1.6 there is a very specific area of grunt and thats it. I wouldn't call the car slow, but it's hardly a rocket. Does make me miss petrol power!