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  1. hi just wanted to know what is the best way to get your ipod connected to your ford radio, my radio does not have a aux port or usb. is there any ports at the back of the radio to connect your ipod into. or what do you guys do? thanks
  2. Just bought a focus - some questions

    ok, i had a vw mk4 golf, i no they are the opposition. also was this the guy who you bought the armrest from: thanks
  3. Here it is........

    from the your little pic, ur just teasing us show us more
  4. Just bought a focus - some questions

    ok thanks, were would you get a blank one from ebay, if so would you give me a link for one. or is there any photos of people interior on this forum?
  5. Just bought a focus - some questions

    ok thanks, but which radio would you recommend, i dont want it looking stupid with, because there is a hugh size difference between ford radio's and normal radios
  6. hi, just bought my first ford focus mk1 1.6 zetec. i wont tell you what i drove before. so yes i have a few question, 1. where do i get a radion that will play mp3 cd's without paying a fortune for it? i currently have a 6000 series. 2. is there a genuine ford focus armrest available?