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  1. Happy Birthday stubradley1!

  2. Mk3 Fiesta

    That sounds like a good idea Where can I get one of those from?
  3. Mk3 Fiesta

    Meant to add I have seen a full set of locks including red master key on ebay but it doesnt mention ecu.
  4. Mk3 Fiesta

    Hi everyone hope someone can help me out here. I have recently bought a mk3 fiesta 95 1.1lx. Somewhere along the way somebody has changed the ignition barrell so I have a red master key which does the door locks and 2 plain black keys non chipped and a fob with sawn off key with a chip in for the ignition. My question is how can I get all locks working with 1 key only? If it means I have to buy a full set of locks its not a problem but do I have to change the ecu as well? Or can I reprogram current ecu to work? Hope this makes sense lol.