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  1. Diesel Black Smoke

    Hi my mondy has started chucking out black smoke and lots of it any ideas ? Its not a split hose as iv checked them all :(
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  8. Mondeo 2.0 Tdci Hesitate On Accelerating Hard

    I have exact same problem car was in for a service a week ago I did get a report back from ford and they said there was an intercooler pipe burst but as i fix cars i CANT find the burst pipe for some strange reason and not had any problems with it at all , Iv read on forums if a pipe has split there is a loud wooshing noise but mine sounds ok ! Now its started doing same as above im not sure if its this freezing cold ice outside , Car has been fine but now its doing this flat spot problem and glowplug light is flashing untill i stop and restart the engine and then it does it again and again also for the first time the engine managment light came on but went off after i took girlfriend to work and the car was nice and warm and parked car and restarted it , Any ideas would be great thank you ........ Just got more antifreeze il put it in later dont think thats the problem but it needs some anyway as ford said the stuff thats in it is not strong enough (cant mind but it was only protected to +10 or somthing) Its a 06 plate 20. turbo diesel ghia (130)