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  1. Hello all. I am in the middle of fitting a fascia plate to fit in my current space where I had my CD 6000 radio in my Mondeo. I bought one from ebay here but no matter what I do it won't click in and seems far too snug. I had little problems fitting one into my old Focus but this is turning into a headache now. Any suggestions or help would be gratefully received as I don't really want to rely on taking it into a car radio fitting place. Regards for now. Ben.
  2. Hi all I recently bought a dashcam which means I had to connect it to the cigarette lighter socket. Now it initially worked for a few days. When driving up the A19 to the Tyne tunnel it mysteriously turned off. I checked later and one of the prongs in the adapter had fell out actually inside the adaptor. Thought no big deal just use my back up dual sub socket one, but no joy - still dead. So reasoned the metal prong thing coming lose had caused the fuse to short, so checked it and no proper sign it had died. Anyway I bought a new one from Maplins thinking this should resolve the fault anyway. You've guessed it still doesn't work. Where do I go from here? Please help?
  3. Morning: Last night I attempted in vain to change my reg plate lights (new bulb and housing, so removed the metal prongs from the cables and re-seated the housing including new bulb. It was unsuccessful and now the right reg plate bulb is now not working. On top of this the offside break light is not working, though only with the lights on. The brake seems to register the light. How can I rectify this situation as I'm beginning to think an auto-electrician may be the only option? Thanks for any help folks. Ben.
  4. Hi Alz and Gingerflame. You seem to be spot on with your advice based on the symptoms in this you tube video which is identical to mine. Not to find the part for my motor and to fit. Thanks a lot as this seems as though it should save me much money and time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRi3UdWb0ho&list=PL8fF8-uIj29a1xpgGfLSOxLXiM5vyLA88&index=4
  5. That should be mark one
  6. Fan and blowers not functioning on 1-3 at all. Funnily fuctions on level 4. My car is a Ford focus mark 1 1
  7. Had the blower motor replaced about 3 years ago. However got a similar issue now I believe. Air con not working at all on levels 1, 2 and 3. Functions on 4 though a/c light not on then. Any ideas on cost and what the issue would be. Bit annoying as. I'm sure it cost kr over £300. Thanks.
  8. Done this already
  9. Having a spot of difficulty taking out my battery. The job should be simple, however I'm being hampered by a dodgy bolt. It twists fine after initially it was stuck with rust. That's all it does now twist but won't come out. Tried multiple tools but stubbornly refuses to come out. Any idea.
  10. I Have been installing a new Bluetooth radio in my mark one Ford Focus but during the last step of the process I have been attempting to feed the MIC wire through the back of the radio and out again past my footwell. I am having a few issues as I'm just not able to feed it out properly. Any common sense tips I can apply to this quandry?
  11. Cheers - Picking up a Bosch one later today. I'll fit it myself as apparently it's a doddle to do. Thanks again
  12. Hi folks. Any idea on a decent battery to get for my Ford Focus 2001 1.6 motor? Been accidentally flattened over the last year and was recommended to replace it.
  13. Need a spot of advice on what would be a fair price for a timing belt renewal. On the very edge of needing my timing belted changed. 83k miles and 13 year old Ford Focus 1.6 Ghia. Got a quote for replacement including water pump with parts, labour and Vat at £292. Is this the going rate? Seems quite high to me.
  14. Are these the ones you are talking about minnis - 22" 19" Front Bosch AeroTwin Aero Twin Flat Wiper Blades Windscreen Wipers eg. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/22-19-Front-Bosch-AeroTwin-Aero-Twin-Flat-Wiper-Blades-Windscreen-Wipers-/310566679168?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&fits=Car+Make%3AFord%7CModel%3AFocus%7CPlat_Gen%3AMK+I&hash=item484f377280
  15. Got any websites or even high street stores to buy the Ford ones from?