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  1. I should have put that the car is a 1.8 Petrol. Sorry...................
  2. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me out. The problem is with my Mk2 Mondeo which is a P plate and has 133,000 miles on the clock. Background It had its MOT in February where the catalytic converter, lamda (?) sensor (screws into downpipe), leads and coil pack were replaced. It failed on the cat, but when replaced the C02 was down but the hydrocarbons were not, so the garage replaced the leads and coil pack. This got it through the MOT Interim Period Since the MOT the idle when warm has been rough. I have since replaced the plugs but it made no diffeence. I have disconnected the battery lead for 2 hours to reset the ECU. It made no difference. Someone suggested putting a small amout of grease on the tip of the plugs (not the bit in the engine!) I have done this and it has made no difference. I noticed the garage only replaced 2 of the 4 bolts in the coil pack, I have replaced the missing ones but it made no difference. The idle has only been rough since the work was carried out. I did go back to the garage but they just said bring it back as they though it might be an air leak. I have checked but cannot find an air leak (not too sure what they were on about and to be honest I was not convinced and why suddenly do they think there is an air leak?) Other Issue When the revs reach 2250 there is a juddering which clears at 2750. It is worse in the higher gears as the lower gears go through the range quicker. Is this connected? Any help would be much appreciated as I am running out of ideas. Thank you.
  3. Any help would be appreciated!!! I have been offered a V6 ST24, MK2 on a W plate. When I say offered it might be just that, no cash!! Story is that it failed its MOT last year on the ABS pump. It buried so deep apparantly that it's not worth paying out for. Anyway the bloke has bought a RS Focus and left this ST on the drive. Now he just wants shot of. Is this a job I can do myself or not? What is involved in replacing the ABS pump?
  4. Colours

    If you are after finding out what colour car yours is then the only way to do it is go to take your plate details to a dealer/spray shop. Gone are the days when the colour was written in plain English on the VIN plate!
  5. Rear Brakes And Callipers

    iT WOULD SEEM A CUSTOM CABLE WOULD BE YOUR OPTION. It has been a while since I looked at a copy but try "Cars and car conversions" or some such other car magazine and look at the adverts in the back. A bit "old school" I know but it might work. Failing that google!
  6. I have an intermittent fault with the speedo on my Mk2 Mondeo. When driving the speedo will just stop working. When it happens the fuel gauge will drop as well, not to empty but to the poisition it would take if the engine were stwitched off. After a while the speedo will start working again, when it does the yellow petrol light (bottom row of lights righthand side) comes on for a couple of seconds. Is this an electrical fault in the dash or a sensor problem in the gearbox? Many thanks for any advice.
  7. Mk3 Mondy Probs...

    Have you checked the oil? Another symptom of a HG is the "mayonaise" in the oil. Just an outside chance. Steam out the back would indicate that water is getting into the engine and being blown out. I am not sure a split pipe would display the same symptoms. It would steam but it would be from the engine bay.
  8. Silly suggestion but is it the heater resistor? I have a Mk2 Mondeo that developed a funny smell just before the resistor went south. When it goes you will only be able to use the heater fan on full, none of the lower settings will work. (Don't worry though it was only £13 to get a new one, plus £12 if you need a new harness link). The smell was pungent and "plasticy".
  9. Right then. On Monday morning It was a bit frosty so I defrosted the car as usual, however after about ten minutes of driving I had to open the drivers window. There was a funny noise as the ice round the seals cracked and a funnier noise from inside the door. I had a real job closing it, however it does open easily now just not all the way! Oh and it sounds as though something has come lose in the door, it rattles as i shut the door. Has something come off the runners? Or have the runners broken away from whatever secures them? I really do not want to be messing around too much in this weather to be honest but it would be nice to know what i am up against come the thaw.
  10. Hello There.

    Just thought it only polite to introduce myself as I am new to the forum. I am from just North of Brighton and Drive a Mondeo 1.8LX, 1997 in silver. Although she has got 125,000 on the clock she is in very good condition apart from a few niggles but hey that could be said for most of us!! Cheers, Darren