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  1. (mk1 Ford Focus 1.6 manual petrol) When I'm reversing (only when pressing the 'gas') I can hear a metallic 'rolling/bearings'? sound of noise. Lift off, no noise. Press the pedal and its there again. Cold start- from turnover for the first 5secs? The sound is also present- just briefly though. I've also noticed recently that selecting 1st and reverse at standstill can occasionally be difficult. Clutch/clutch release bearing are recently replaced. What could it be?
  2. This is pronounced/easily noticeable when the car is cold for circa the first 15mins. Its a sort of metal(?) short screech and normally happens when I'm lifting the clutch to set off in 1st gear. It may happen when the car is fully warmed up however I can't hear it. In addition, when sat at idle if I dip the clutch- the engine changes note (becomes slightly quieter). In addition (I think this is a seperate issue?): On full lock to lock whilst reversing there is a groan/moan (from the powersteering pump?). Checked the level- its full/no leaking/drop. The moan sometimes continues even when I’ve straightened the wheel and carry on backwards (i.e. reversing onto my drive). The moan only occurs when reversing- not full lock in 1st gear. What could it be?
  3. Is that normal/right for a Focus (mk1/2004)?????