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  1. Hello everyone - I am new here and do not know much about cars so please be gentle lol. My fiesta is a 2009 Zetec diesel 1.4. I only drive it around 1 day a week as my fiancee drives it around 50miles a day but I noticed when she drove off yesterday it crunched going into reverse. I have had the car all day today and it seems to being doing this about 50% of the time when putting it into reverse. All the other gears are fine. When I push my foot hard on the clutch it seems to solve it most of the time. The car is going in for a major service as it has done 30000 miles now and is overdue. We have also had a lot of snow so I believe she has was revving on the clutch when she got stuck twice but there was no smoke and I dont believe she did this for long periods as she knows it will burn out. Can anyone tell me what they think this could be? Should I be worried? Will the grinding noise cause any damage? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks