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  1. Hello all and a happy new year coming to you. I currently own a Focus 1.6l and have done for 4 years with 45k of trouble free motoring. I have been left some cash (inheritance) and desperately need to get an estate to carry all the new baby stuff I will need in February when my second child is due. I have been researching the diesels but keep being hit by the DMF failure rate of new diesels. Here are my requirements/facts 1. I have 6k to spend 2. I travel 15k miles a year mainly on A roads and motorways 3. I have a 5 year old and a new baby coming in Feb. 4. I run my own business so I need boot space to buy/carry stock. Any advice would be most welcome and greatly appreciated. Is dmf failure likely? Is a petrol a safer bet? I have found several focus 1.8 zetec estates 57 plate with 40k on the clock for £5500-£6k what do you think????