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  1. Hi..thank you for all the replies I do appreciate turned out it was coming from the drain on the back box itself..I did say it was above the back box because it was damp and I didn't realise back boxes had drains so I assumed it was coming from above..sorry about that..but I feel a lot better now I realise it's nothing to worry about..thanks once again..
  2. Hi all..I have a 2012 fiesta edge 1.25(82) has being laid up recently due to illness..I have just gone to start the car up and noticed fluid dripping from above the exhaust just above the back seems like water but can't understand we're it could be coming from..can't really see there anything above the exhaust that could be leaking?any help would be really appreciated..thanks!
  3. good pics mate..some neat mods.
  4. I really hope this fantastic little car find's the right owner to cherish it..I have fond memories of my dad's red mark 3 fiesta...good luck.
  5. Nice car mate..the white wheels look really good on a blue fiesta.
  6. You have a very valid point and even though trim is only covered for 12 months of the warranty the fact you're car has only just past this period surely a good will gesture was in order,good luck and I hope this turns out ok for you in the end...
  7. Thank's for Both you're replies,I might just wait to see if they contact me and make decision then,it just is a little inconvenient to make time to take it,but on other hand if there checking for any leaks or anything you haven't noticed it might be worth the time...
  8. My car is coming up to three months old and the ford dealer I bought it from said I could take it in at three months for a free check,I did this with my previous cars but was wondering if other people bothered,is there any point?my cars running fine at the moment,I would be interested to see how popular these checks are...
  9. Not sure if they have added this since 2010 or not but my 2012 edge has this feature ...
  10. Hello,I have same engine as you and to be honest the brake's on mine are sharp but not to the point of it been like an emergency stop every time I have to over brake,my last few car's have been ford's so maybe I'm used to them,but for peace of mind I'd be tempted to take it to a dealer to be checked out if you're not sure...
  11. Hi, does anyone know when the ford b max is going to be in dealer's for customer's to look at,I have heard you can order one now for September delivery but was wondering if ford are going to get some in showroom's for us to look at earlier.
  12. Hi kris,I picked up my new fiesta edge 1.25(82) three week's ago and I have to say I'm very pleased with it.on a 140 mile round trip a mixture of motor way and back road's with the air con mostly on I got an average of 46mpg and it copes very well on the motorway at the legal limit,what model to go for?it depends what you really want,if alloy wheels,heated front screen,front fog's,are priority's then you need the Zetec,but me I think the edge is very nice inside and the fact it has air con persuaded me to buy this model,I did think it worth spending a little more on the engine that's why I got the 1.25(82) but that's just a personnel choice,I' hope this help's...
  13. Hello joe welcome to the forum,you don't see many escort 55's about these day's,but it sound's like you've got a good one:)
  14. Hello Welcome to the forum i am sure you will enjoy you're mondeo...
  15. I was told there was going to be a charge for frozen white from 1st April when I ordered mine so I didn't have to pay but to be honest I would still have gone for this colour anyway wonder if any other car company's charge for it?