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  1. 18Tdi Economy

    Hi I know its very early days, I have only done 371 miles in my new (used) Focus, and the economy worked out at 36 mpg...and that is a round trip commute of 140 miles(2 days) all on the M4.where I would have expected 50 mpg I normally drive at 70-80 mph the car has done 68K I have plans to clean the injectors this weekend.. anything else I can do to raise the economy? Im not overly worried about the economy yet as its only run 3/4 tank of fuel.
  2. Diesel Slow To Start

    Whats DTC
  3. Diesel Slow To Start

    Thanks I will get some tomorrow. It sat for 3-4 weeks without the battery fitted, I gave her a 40 mile run today, hopefuly will charge the battery to full
  4. Diesel Slow To Start

    started ok today? maybe because it was not used for a few weeks?
  5. Diesel Slow To Start

    Hi Im new here, just searched the forum and could not find any answers I just purchased a Focus 1.8TDi 2003, it has sat outside my house for 3 days, When I test drove it ( private sale) it started fine. Now after sitting outside for 3 days it was reluctant to start, when I turn the key the engine turns over, and it sounds like its firing for a second or so but does not start. It takes about 10 attempts before starting.....I let the glow plug light go out as per instructions, The battery seems ok, but it was disconnected for a month before I bought the car, during the recent cold weather. Does it seem like a glow plug problem? if so can I clean them? The engine starts ok when its warm.. Any ideas please?