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  1. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    Ok, let's see if I have any luck now.......! Doug
  2. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    Hi all, time to update the thread with my latest acquisition. Ish (Rs Toy) has already had a sneak preview of some pics! I have bought a very low mileage (11,000 miles) 1987 Escort 3 door Popular 1.6D. To say I am over the moon with my purchase is an understatement! It's mint! It was a dealership demonstrator, before being sold to its one owner, who had it until he passed away recently. It was obviously garaged all its life, hence its paintwork is amazing, as is its interior. A few marks on the driver's door sill, plus a little bit of lifting paint on a couple of wheel arch lips (hardly noticeable unless you bend down to look) suggest to me it was probably used regularly for a time, but on very short trips, and then dry stored for some years when it's owner was no longer able to drive. As you would expect with that mileage, it drives absolutely like new. There's not the slightest squeak, rattle or road noise, and of the two other 1.6 D Escorts I've owned or driven, it is slightly quicker.... or should I say less slow off the mark! Lol The engine bay is also near spotless, unlike my other Escort and Fiesta, which have surface rust. The only slight fault that has just developed is I have to stop the engine manually on the fuel pump (or stall it). Can only be the fuel solenoid shut off I assume, that has failed in the 'open' position. Had the same fault on my 1.8D, but it failed in the 'shut' position, which was the only time in 200k miles I had to call the AA out, and even then, 5 minutes later he got me going, after taking the plunger out! Should cost me less than 20 quid to sort, assuming it's not just a bad connection, which I've not checked yet. Anyway, time for some pics..... if Photobucket plays ball for a change! Nope, can't make it work on the Ipad, so back to the main computer, which isn't up to much. Sorry to leave you in suspense! Doug
  3. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    Sorry, barely 5 minutes to myself these past few weeks! PM now replied to! Will update the forum on my latest purchase in due course! Doug
  4. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    Meant to ask what you'd be looking for, for the Escort? Couple of people I know may be interested. PM me if you prefer. Thanks. Doug
  5. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    Hi. The chap is Robert Harper. He posts regularly on the 'Scorted mk3 mk4 Escort' group. You'll know you've found the right guy, as his profile pic currently has the Ford motif on it. Even better, I think he is in your area, and he is the one who took what must be photos of your actual car. It was the spoiler that threw me, as the first pics you put up a few months ago are pre spoiler! He loves the 1.8D and has three of them, albeit two are former petrol Mk3s that he has converted to diesel. I remember you selling the Eclipse. Always loved them. Your 3 door looks lovely under the bonnet. Similar to my soon to arrive 3 door 1.6 diesel. If I had the money and space I'd be contacting you, to add it to my fleet! Doug
  6. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    Yes, only done 11,000 miles in its life, so barely run in! Will put pics up when I get the car (in another couple of weeks or so). Doug
  7. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    Hi. Are you on FaceBook at all? Someone I know on the Escort group I post on has an air filter box. Can put you in touch with him if you like. Funnily enough it was he who spotted an identical 1.8D to yours the other week and put pics up. Thought it was yours until I noticed the only difference, which was a black spoiler on the rear hatch! Whilst I'm on here, for my fellow 1.6D enthusiasts, and you as a 3 door Popular owner, I've recently put a deposit on a mint 1.6D Popular. Can't wait to get my hands on it! Doug
  8. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    Hi both. I'd love to have snapped the estate up too, but similarly Mark, funds and storage are the problem. If storage wasn't a problem I'd gladly have bought those diesel specific parts. I've collected a few of the less bulky spares over the course of time. I put my Fiesta back on the road earlier this year, so most of my 1.6D motoring has been in that, until such time I get a few jobs done on my Escort. Doug
  9. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    Hello folks, it's been a while! Mark, I know you've got your Focus now, but just in case your pangs of nostalgia are such that you want to try 'third time lucky' with a 1.6 D Escort, there is an identical red estate to yours on Ebay right now. It has two days to run on auction, and at the time of posting is up to only 200 quid. It looks to be in fairly good, original condition too! Would love to see it go to someone who will appreciate it for what it is, and look after it. I would if I could! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1988-FORD-ESCORT-L-RED-/141663825671?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item20fbd26f07 Doug
  10. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    Thanks. You're right, it certainly takes up much of my time! Took the Escort out yesterday, for its last run of the year. She drove beautifully as always!
  11. Was that the white one? That was a very tasty car, and I was very tempted indeed! Have seen a few 1.8Ds from time to time for sale, but finding a 'minter' is rare, as the diesels in particular were of course bought for high mileages, and thus the survivors are usually quite 'worn' to say the least! My 1.8D was the Combi van version (3 door esate without the side windows, for those who aren't familiar with them). Like the 3 door diesel saloon, also rare. There's a beautiful blue Eclipse on Ebay at the moment. If only I had the space for these cars.....!!
  12. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    Nice looking cars! Other than the two Fords, I also own a 1972 Veedub camper, a 1977 Triumph Dolomite 1500, and a 1967 Morris Mini Traveller. I once vowed never to own more than 3 cars again, but that didn't work out! Three is about the maximum I can sensibly cope with, and eventually something will have to give! Lol
  13. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    Been meaning to reply for a while, but it's been a busy run up to Christmas! Is the Rover a petrol or diesel? My daily driver is a Peugeot 205 diesel, with the same XUD engine that they fitted in that model of Rover. You're right about the rodents. So far, no more visits by them, but I'm keeping an eye on my cars, just in case they do return! Mark, I'm glad you are pleased with the Focus. I've only driven one a couple of times (a courtesy car). It was an early model, and quite well used, but it drove very well I remember. Re the Escorts, yours looked pretty good, from what I could make of the pics, particulary the saloon you restored. She looked a beauty. I feel for you, with you having lost not one, but both, and through deliberate acts of destruction too. B***ards! Can't believe that in less than two months I will have already had mine for a year! The time has flown by! I came so close to walking away from that car, because of its grubiness, through having stood unused and in the open for over a decade. Just need to get pre-heat issue sorted. Respect to her though, she still fires up from cold, albeit with a bit of cranking using the jump leads from my Peugeot, so that I don't run the Escort's battery down.
  14. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    Thanks! I hope your saloon is running ok, and continuing to give you good service. Bit peed off at the mo, as my cars are being eaten alive by rodents! Both my Escort and Fiesta have had some of the sound deadening insulation chomped, and the cold start on the Escort has suddenly stopped working, which I think is due to wiring being chewed. Thankfully they've only been under the bonnets of both cars, and not inside the cabins themselves!
  15. Mk4 Escort 1.6D

    Nice cars! Mark, your Focusd looks a tidy motor! Nice colour too! I hope you'll have an enjoyable time with her. Not wanting to make you miss your Escorts even more, but I did promise to also put up a sound clip of my one. Here you go: a recent 'walkaround' video of it. RsToy, note the slightly more 'agricultural' sound of the 1.6D, in relation to the 1.8D! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faNmGQvjerg&list=UUc9kUOC3Ed3lPFYgUHUTDgw Doug