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  1. This happened to me intermittent at first it needed a new pump
  2. Yeah they do oh well sounds like I'll have to do that was hoping for a quick fix as it's freezing lol cheers
  3. Hi to save me messing about can someone tell me the two colours of the wires which supply the rear heated screen inside the black casing in the boot it's not working unless I mess with it so one or both must be broken Focus 2.0 mk2 cheers
  4. Ha yeah I've broken down as well it was the alternator had only done 50k at the time my mk1 was still on its original at 95k makes you wonder good luck mate
  5. Hi mate my 2.0 runs cooler than my old focus think they may be like this,the heater takes longer to get warm as well runs like a dream all the same. i changed to titanium alloys on my ghia and had the wobble so got them re balanced it was still the same! turns out it was the tyres that were on I've since changed them and it's gone away ! Maybe put the front on the back if tracking doesn't sort it
  6. I've had this once or twice I cleaned mine with one of those disc s you refer to,if that doesn't work take the radio out take the lid off and clean the laser manually 👍
  7. Any thoughts on this ?
  8. Loose Nuts 👀
  9. The abs sensor on my mk1 came on due to damage when changing the pads had to spend £60 to replace the sensor and wire I was suprised how expensive it was!
  10. Just check there's no water in where the sparkplugs are first
  11. I would let him change it I had to pay out £340 for a new one recently on 55K it's still stinging !
  12. I had the same dilemma 18 months ago I twisted and bought a mk2 2.0 focus car drives great but it's had a new alternator £185 fitted and a new steeering pump £340 fitted and will need pads n discs in the next 6 months! Current mileage 56K we also had a 1.6 mk2 which had a few irratable months on and off with water in the plug ports plus a new cat and 02 sensor although I still have my mk2 I'm not convinced at all that it's a better car than my old mk1.5 which I kept for 8 yrs and it never missed a beat maybe I should of kept it?
  13. Not sure it will work mate as it needs to be recognised by the car for the steering settings I think?
  14. Hi is there anybody around Manchester/Oldham on here that can switch this message off and the light for a few quid my garage keeps letting me down it's been on since about August last year !
  15. I paid 340 in November and at first they said more !