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  1. I fitted my daughter s to the car battery on the top it's only small as per insurers instructions
  2. Ok apart from the Vauxhall stuff on this thread ! the car is terminal I took the plugs out and rocked the car back and forth the jets of water I can only liken to those at San Antonio bay in Ibiza! The insurance are hopefully going to write it off....
  3. Thanks for the input guys illl check the air filter in the morning and take it from there
  4. Hi folks the mrs has drove her focus through some flood water this evening resulting in the car cutting out and now it won't restart.We have had it recovered to home so watch should I be looking for in the morning? Although now the battery seems discharged to some extent will it be that? Any help appreciated cheers Paul
  5. Check there isn't water in the plug ports 1st
  6. I've had a new pump fitted although the car is not recognising it my garage said they needed someone to re program the car in the meantime the steering works ok just have a light on the dash.I have a feeling Ford want big bucks to do the re program
  7. Is it a bad paint repair I've seen something similar years ago when a pal bought a car that had dubious history and had been resprayed ?
  8. There's a control box in the side panel drivers footwell unplug it for an hour see if it resets 1st might save taking the panel of f? Worth a shot
  9. Hi mate I put some similar ones in my rear doors I cut out the middles of the ford speakers and used the case to screw into a little tighter putting the door card back over but a nice tight fit,easy to do with a small hacksaw blade 👍
  10. Is this a 2004 mk 1.5 if so I did it on my old car it's about 3 bolts and fidly but do able I took mine out and lubricated it up after I had burnt out 2 resistors put back in and all was good.
  11. Yes it does unscrew so you could clean it up underneath , my aerial was also stuck I undone it with mole grips which unfortunately marked it but reception is much better .
  12. Ive always pushed the clutch in on start up it dis engages the gearbox which allows all battery power to turn the engine over I was told, helps on cold mornings!
  13. Looks familiar just undo the bolts and pop it under it should be fine yeah star nut I think the aerial will become loose think I took it completely out to clean it s base
  14. I removed the plastic cover and found a correded snapped bar which I removed I cleaned it out inside the switch opening and just press the micro switch direct which opens the boot.The switch takes a bit of time to locate till you get used to where it is,I covered it with a piece of duck tape.