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  1. The clicking is correct it's likely to be a break in the feed to the motor just where it bends at the roof it's happened twice to me there
  2. I had this problem I sawn the head off with a hacksaw blade then drilled new holes in the boot to take self tappers 👍
  3. I always check the oil with the filler lid off so no oil is trapped higher up i.e. No Vaccum if that makes sense as I thought there could be false readings so you would over fill and it would burn off ? Just a thought
  4. I'd guess the permanent live fuse has blown so settings are not backed up not sure if it's inline behind the radio or in the fuse box tho ? Worth a look
  5. Can you not get a cotton bud in there?
  6. I would get the battery disconnected for an hour see if it all re sets hopefully it might you will need a code for the radio good luck
  7. Update to this i went out to the car it had a steamed up window so I opened the boot ran the engine switched on the rear screen and squeezed the rubber casing with the wires in and it worked. so it's definitely a break in the wire just a guessing game of which one thanks everyone
  8. Thanks guys by both posts I'm now thinking it's a broken wire between the boot and the roof in the black tubing because not of it is working but I can hear the relay and the switch is lit cheers
  9. Hi if I push tin foil against where I think there are breaks in 3 of the heated lines will it blow the fuse as I'm joining them all together briefly to indicate if that s the fault ? Cheers
  10. At 75k it probably due for a cambelt anyway!
  11. This happened to me intermittent at first it needed a new pump
  12. Yeah they do oh well sounds like I'll have to do that was hoping for a quick fix as it's freezing lol cheers
  13. Hi to save me messing about can someone tell me the two colours of the wires which supply the rear heated screen inside the black casing in the boot it's not working unless I mess with it so one or both must be broken Focus 2.0 mk2 cheers
  14. Ha yeah I've broken down as well it was the alternator had only done 50k at the time my mk1 was still on its original at 95k makes you wonder good luck mate
  15. Hi mate my 2.0 runs cooler than my old focus think they may be like this,the heater takes longer to get warm as well runs like a dream all the same. i changed to titanium alloys on my ghia and had the wobble so got them re balanced it was still the same! turns out it was the tyres that were on I've since changed them and it's gone away ! Maybe put the front on the back if tracking doesn't sort it