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  1. I had the same dilemma 18 months ago I twisted and bought a mk2 2.0 focus car drives great but it's had a new alternator £185 fitted and a new steeering pump £340 fitted and will need pads n discs in the next 6 months! Current mileage 56K we also had a 1.6 mk2 which had a few irratable months on and off with water in the plug ports plus a new cat and 02 sensor although I still have my mk2 I'm not convinced at all that it's a better car than my old mk1.5 which I kept for 8 yrs and it never missed a beat maybe I should of kept it?
  2. Not sure it will work mate as it needs to be recognised by the car for the steering settings I think?
  3. Hi is there anybody around Manchester/Oldham on here that can switch this message off and the light for a few quid my garage keeps letting me down it's been on since about August last year !
  4. I paid 340 in November and at first they said more !
  5. As I said you will keep blowing it you need to get the motor out it's easy glove box out then a couple of things to undo as I recall
  6. I used to think my mk1 1.6 was using oil as I was always topping it up then when I changed car I decided to pull the dipstick and oil filler cap off to get a true reading ie no air lock.Dont seem to put much in my current car this way,my theory being did I need the oil in or was I over filling it and it was burning it off? Guess I'll never know lol
  7. If it has an idle control valve take it off and clean it out think I used carb cleaner in a spray tin ,mine was a mk1 1.6 not sure if the 2.0 has one?
  8. I blew 2 resistors b4 I realised the problem was the blower which needed lubricant so there was less resistance when spinning! i would check the fuse as well tho
  9. Oh right wasn't sure might not get fixed then 👍
  10. Update Sheila's wheels paid out £2000 minus £250 excess so more than the car was worth,it went on an auction site in Chester called Copart and I think it went for around £200 as a cat C so guess it will go back on the road.Some interesting stuff on Copart worth a nosy 👍
  11. Press the boot lid down near the lock whilst getting someone else to keep pressing the button 😂👍
  12. I put some redex in my 2005 focus or thought I did ? I didn't notice it on the floor,not sure it went in now as I didn't use a funnel..
  13. I fitted my daughter s to the car battery on the top it's only small as per insurers instructions
  14. Ok apart from the Vauxhall stuff on this thread ! the car is terminal I took the plugs out and rocked the car back and forth the jets of water I can only liken to those at San Antonio bay in Ibiza! The insurance are hopefully going to write it off....
  15. Thanks for the input guys illl check the air filter in the morning and take it from there