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  1. Water Pump Question

    What age is your Fusion? From 56ish onwards you'll need to remove the timing belt to do the water pump, but the earlier ones you do not need to, both require removal of the alternator though. If you haven't got to do the timing belt it's a nice little job and should only take a couple of hours.
  2. Fusion Durashift

    Working at a Ford dealer we see alot of these towed in, and unfortunately it is usually the actuators that are at fault. It does usually put a fault code in the memory though but all your symptoms would point towards the actuator for me. Non-start and no display I'd be looking at the actuators.
  3. Bent Alloy Wheel

    Buckled wheels are very common on Mk7 Fiestas, the smaller wheels 14" and 15" seem to bend very easily, 17" seem to stand up a bit better.
  4. Diesel Slow To Start

    Get the DTC's checked. CMP Sensors are a common fault on that age vehicle and engine and would cause poor starting and possibly performance, cutting out etc. They're only about £20 from Ford and usually fix a list of faults.
  5. Cd 6000 Lost Code Please Help

    Remove the radio and get the Part Number and Serial Number, post them here and I can get you the correct code.