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  1. Oem Suspension

    Can someone tell me what is the brand of the Ford Focus MK2 oem suspension ??? The only thing I know is that the suspension is black in color and has a Fo.Mo.Co stamp on it, but who is the major manufacturer ???
  2. Koni Fsd Vs Koni Sport

    What do you think is the best suspension (comfort/handling) for the Focus II? I don't want to lower my car so I want to use the stock springs! Does anyone has experience with one of these suspensions with the stock springs?
  3. Shock Absorders

    Hello everyone! I own a Ford Focus II 1.6 Ti-VCT (115hp, 2006 model) and I would like to ask if you know what is the brand of the genuine shock absorders? Someone told me that is Sachs! Is it true ?