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  1. Happy Birthday xCowlesy!

  2. What is it? Chavs day out or what?!?

  3. want some new wellies, dont know what colour though! :(

  4. i want to go down on you and make you really happy, then i want to come back up slowly and !Removed! you real good, yours sincerely, Petrol Prices.

  5. is continuously sending messages to Rosie Saxton, Kellie Morris, Robyn Hickling, Kelly Louise Hewitson and Mika Rodgers ʚϊɞ.. I think they will so HATE me by the end of the night :) <3

  6. my guinea pig is wierd, she squeaks like so loudly whilst eating "/

  7. Canny wait for my chinese

  8. Literally just cant be bothered today! Got too much stuff at home to do!!

  9. how the hell am i supposed to make a leaflet without publisher "/ really?

  10. Nom. Coors light <3

  11. As if ryan got refused alcohol at morrisons just because i was there with no I.D. Dicks!

  12. Proper want to go watch in time

  13. Why the !Removed! are you in my head!!