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  1. Electric Windscreen Problem

    Mintalkin Thanks for that and no I hadn't I will check that. Jeebowhite Again will look at that. Not sure if my insurance will cover a like for like replacement or if they would only fit a standard. I have read on forums that a lot insurers don't replace electic windscreens with a like for like! Mind you given I only purchased it on Friday the dealer should sort it out, if its not something simple like the fuses! Will post when I know what is wrong with it. Thanks for help B
  2. Focus 1.6 Estate Ghia Fuel Economy

    Thanks jeebowhite Interesting suggestions. When you have done the battery trick what sort of miles to empty does it show? More like what you would expect? I would be interested to hear if what people not experiencing such problems see when filling up. What I don't get with this is that not only does the digital readout seem incorrect but the normal fuel gauge would have to be too as this correlates to what the digital is showing ie. have used 200 odd (needle on half) and 200 odd miles left to empty! Does this correlate on yours? What I am trying to get my head around here is if it a genuine problem with fuel economy or a problem with the displays? Based on the litres of fuel I have put in the tank the other day and the readouts I am currently getting on the digital but also the needle it is a genuine problem with fuel consumption. Thanks for the points on the DPF etc. Since my initial posting I have discovered that it is due i.e. 75000 mile service even though when I bought the car on Friday the garage stamped the book for 74125 and hasn't done the DPF as part of that service!! Obviously a costly job and having spent £4600 on Friday now faced with and few hundred just a few days later! Am going to speak to the garage again now hopefully and see where I can get too. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Hi all My second post on here having purchased a 55plate 1.6 tdci (110) ghia a few days ago! Very icy windscreen this morning so turned on the electic windscreen to de-ice things and it only work on half the windscreen, annoyingly the passenger side! Anyone come across this before and know what is involved in sorting it? New Windscreen or is it easier/cheaper than this to sort? Spoke to the dealer who I bought it from (Diesels Direct in Halesworth, Suffolk) and am waiting for them to get back to me to see if they are going to sort it out, will post on that seperately) Any help or suggestions very welcome. Thanks Brian Norfolk, UK
  4. Hi everyone Just found this forum and looks very helpful place so added to my favourites and will post regurally if I have anything useful to add! I know there have been other posts on the topic of fuel economy but... ..I purchased a 55 plate 1.6 tdci (110) ghia with 74,000 miles on the clock, just three days ago. Very happy with most aspects of the car having previously owned a 2000 1.8 tdci version. However the fuel economy side of things is worring me a bit, well a lot actually. I filled the tank up on Saturday night in Cheltenham before my return journey to North Norfolk on Sunday morning. After filling up with fuel the average mpg was 55 and yet the distance to empty was reading 454miles. Working on the basis that the tank holds 52 litres or 11.8 gallons then the distance to empty should be more like 650 miles, surely?? I know the distance to empty can be a bit on the cautious side but can it really be 200miles cautious? For the sake of a test I reset the counters and on my return journey, mainly motorways, duals, and A-roads, the average was 57mpg, with an average speed of 52mph (had a couple of convenience stops!). Yet the distance to empty still was still true to the 454miles it gave me when I filled up. Suprising given I drove very effeciently at about 68mph whenever I could. Would one not expect higher mpg on this kind of journey and driving? If the fuel warning light comes on with 50miles to empty then on a full tank of fuel driving as described above I will have to refill at 400miles! Is this what other owners are getting? Is it me or do the figures just not add up here? If I have cocked up my maths then big red face and apologies :) FYI: the car has four brand new tyres, (pressures are OK), new air and fuel filters fitted last week. Any comments and suggestions would be very welcome as one of the primary reasons I bought this model as because of the mpg for the kind of driving I do i.e. little or no town driving. Many thanks in advance Brian Norfolk, UK