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  • Ford Model 2006 S-max Titanium X Sport 2.5T
  1. Another Starting Problem

    It doesn't have to be break up of the DMF that causes the issue so no shavings does not rule it out. I have a friend who works for ford on engine design and he basically says TDCi plus cold start issues = DMF. Every time. Go ahead. Waste money on changing this that or the other, you'll come back to the same issue.
  2. Another Starting Problem

    FFS how many times does this get asked.... It's your DMF. Live with it. Unless you have VERY deep pockets. Most owners don't so just live with it.
  3. Missing Items From Menu Behind The Steering Wheel

    Pull and reinsert the fuses for radio & dashboard. Should reset the systems and return your missing items.
  4. Electrical Faults On My S-Max

    This is a REALLY common S-max issue. It is caused by the multiway plug under the driver's seat getting dirty. Disconnect battery, take plug apart, clean with contact cleaner, wait an hour or so for it to dry, reassemble plug, reconnect battery. Fault should be gone.
  5. Starting Problems

    No, it's your DMF.
  6. No One Knows Why It Wont Start First Time

    It is EXTREMELY common on the TDCi engines. It is caused by the DMF. Due to the cost of replacement most owners just live with it.
  7. Which Smax?

    TBH you're going to get a better response on the smax owners club forum. Personally - as a vRS owner, I'd save myself a load of cash and buy the Phase 1 2.5T (5 cyl). Much quicker and more resilient than the 203 Ecoboost. And a manual gearbox and a beautiful engine note - slightly more economical also - I got around 32MPG out of mine.
  8. Starting Problems

    DMF = Dual Mass Flywheel - it is the clutch on the Smax.
  9. Starting Problems

    If you have a TDCi you have a DMF.
  10. Starting Problems

    It is the DMF. A very common issue. A very expensive fix. Most owners just live with it.
  11. Fumes Type Smell Inside.

    Check the seal on the filler cap. It's surprising how a perished seal can cause significant fuel smells inside the cabin.
  12. Gem Unit

    Ask this question on the S-max owners club forum. There are a number of members on there who will be familiar with the location of the GEM and the reasons for it's failure.
  13. Replacement Double Din Head Unit For S Max

    Fit the genuine Ford nav units - if you want touchscreen that will be the Blaupunkt NX unit. Aftermarket ones won't be compatible with your steering wheel, Bluetooth, voice control or dash/convers+ display.
  14. Rear Electric Windows

    Have a look at the shape of the door - and where the wheel arch is - then consider the size & shape of the glass. It will then be apparent to you why the rear windows do not open fully.
  15. Retrofit Bluetooth / Voice Control.

    Stick a post up on the Smax owners club forum - there's a few guys on there who are electronics specialists and know about retrofitting these units.