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  1. my car had done over 100,000 miles
  2. There is a air con hose that vibrates and prone to fractute. follow the air con hose near the brake reservoir down to the bend of the metal pipe at the base on the o/s. it can fractute on the bend.The hoe costs about £80. Worth checking out, pete
  3. Same problem with mine It happens every morning, within two minutes the warning light comes on & she goes into 'safe mode' (only rev's to 3000) and sometimes the engine dies. turn it off & restart. When she warms up I turn off, wait a few minutes & restart again & my o9 plate 1.6 Zetec S runs fine all day!! I've checked the pipes & all seems tight, although the breather has a clip that can't be tightened & there is some oil around the pipe. I'm thinking it might be a fuel problem & putting injector cleaning fluid in tomorrow Pete
  4. One of my Instructors had their rack changed because it started clunking on lock to lock, It sorted the problem. Its unrelated to the pull to the left fault due to the electric steering needing to be reset Pete
  5. I had exactly the same problem. Swapped wheels, changed tyres, had suspension completely checked, steering geometry correct.Main dealer said they had no idea(what a suprise) After researching all avenues it turned out to be the electric steering!!!!! I spoke to someone who worked for ford in Dunton (technical dept) He said that they know of the problem & there are two things you can do. 1. Take it to fords, they should plug it in to their computer, set the electric steering to '0' turn the wheel full left, then full right then back to straight. 2. Drive down a straight road for 1 mile at 60mph not moving the wheel more than 3 degrees!!! It took me from Chelmsford to Clacton on the A12 before it reset itself. The car drives dead straight now
  6. I would be very intrested, being a driving instructor & having brought three fiesta's, my instructors say that the short near side wiper blade is very unhelpfull
  7. I agree, It will probably be a burning oil issue, I would suggest you part ex your car for a diesel. I've run a driving school for 25 years & we all use diesels, better for teaching & much cheaper to run. Best of luck on your part 3. Pete
  8. I've had my driving school Zetec S 1.6 since March 09 & have done 80,000 miles & get 50 MPG
  9. unfortunately I've done 80,000 miles, so no waranty left for me :(
  10. I'll change mine now!!
  11. Hi, Does anyone know if or how to reset the electric steering on my Fiesta MK 7 09 plate zetec s 1.6 diesel with street pack? It is pulling to the left & I’ve had the tracking & camber checked, no fault found, new tyres, wheels are straight & true, swooped wheels around, suspension checked, no fault found, steering wheel is straight, brakes are free. It’s been suggested that the electric steering needs resetting! I’ve no idea how to do it. Pete