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  1. The new Fiesta

    I saw the nee Fiesta today in a dealership. I have to say it looks pretty damn good and I am very interested in the car. So I have been speccing one up tonight on the configurtor. I need to be able to tow and I have a few questions. The detachable towbar is not available on the Zetec S, I assume because of the rear bumper. Now I am looking at a Titanium and full dress up kit. Now according to the configurator it is possible to have the dress up kit and the detachable towbar. The reason for my question is that the dress up kit appears to be exactly the same bodykit from the Zetec S. So I am wondering if there has been an oversight of being able to order the dress up kit and detachable towbar, or if it is indeed correct, which would be really great. I know you will say speak to the dealer, but the one I was in said they didn't have any brochures and really didn't know much about specifications. Thanks in advance for your help.