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  1. To any one who connects iPhone/iPod via AUX & USB. When connected do not push the AUX button in the Sony player. For some reason that will allow you to listen to music but not display info! Use the circle control toggle in the centre of the Sony console and find AUX and then select iPod. You can the select any song, album or play list and it will read and display info fine. If you press the AUX button it confuses the Sony player. REMEMBER it was designed to play and connect to lots of devices NOT just apple. Spend a bit of time looking through the options and for the device you want to connect. I have had no problem connect my iPhone 3GS via AUX & USB and having the bluetooth turned on all at the same time. I can play music, look at the info, control via steering wheel and use phone! I did buy the "Y" cable from ford as I thought if I where to get a poor sound or a dodgy cable I could take it back! No need however! Apart from the funny length it's really good. And apart from that I can control the phone for calls and music via the car.
  2. Titanium Sony Radio

    I have had my new Ford titanium for a week now. The Sony system is amazing but there are also great other features Inc the voice control, Bluetooth and the "Y" cable to connect a iPhone/iPod with the car with out all that messy and unnecessary wiring every where! You need to order the "y" cable from ford parts or your dealership. £25. the sound quality is good to. I had a 56 plate Audi A3 which had built in Bose speakers and ok the sound was amazing but on a serious note the ford speakers are pretty similar in sound quality! Hope you enjoy your Ford!