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    focus st170.....i hope lol
  1. I got it!!!!!!!!!!

    She better take care of it
  2. I got it!!!!!!!!!!

    after nearly 4 weeks of looking through 100's of adds,and countless phone calls,i found my(or the wifes,depends on who ya talk to) car 02 plate(by a month,doh!!!) 3 door, panther black,2 owners,ffsh,45,500 miles,custom pack,comfort pack.....................£4350 made the 140 mile round trip well worth it i'll get some pics up,when she comes back !Removed! home,and i can take some!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o
  3. rear light advice

    YEH!!!!!!!!!! all bein well pick up my ST170 2morra :D was wondering if anyone can recommend a good place to buy a pair of "lexus" style rear lights,want the tinted version,not the clear/chrome ones,seen a few companies knocking em out on ebay,just wondered if some were better quality than others :?: cheers people roll on 2morra
  4. a bit of advice please....................

    mate,thats a top idea,i've had a look about,and have found 3 "large" companys that offer this,and im tending to lean towards this one...... any thoughts,or any other companys i should be looking at?
  5. hello fellow ford owners,new here,how we doing,im after buying the other half a ST170 in the next couple of weeks,probably an 03/04 model,with sub 50k on the clock,aint in no rush,and i got plenty to look at,mainly in dealers,just for that extra piece of mind,if anything does go * * * * up with it,i can drive it back through their showroom window :D what i'd like to know is there anything i should be looking out for in particular? any advice would be gratefully accepted thanks in advance