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  1. I changed my mind about 4 times when I was ordering mine but in the end I went for Ink blue ... I think it looks great with the chrome
  2. Many thanks
  3. Hello, finally got my Fiesta delivered yesterday. I bought it new from an online company. As it didn't go through a dealer there is nothing in the service book to tell me when the first service is due. Also is the paintwork inspection done at the same time or is that different?? Any help would be appreciated as this is my first brand new car.
  4. In case anyone is interested I got my Zetec early (today!!), and it came with 2 flip keys ... so I think they are now standard across the range.
  5. I have ordered my Fiesta Zetec and am having to wait until mid April before it arrives :( . Anyway I have been reading through this forum as I assumed it would come with a flip key. I know it's only a key but it's my first BRAND new car and I want a nice key! At first I thought I was out of luck and only Zetec S upwards came with flip keys ... but then I found a brochure I had picked up from the Ford dealer and it states on the specifications page that "Remote central double locking w/two flip keys" is standard from the Edge upwards. Now I'm really confused ... have Ford decided to dish these flip keys out ... is it a misprint ... or do I have to order one?