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  1. Cheers :D
  2. Hi guys, Im pretty sure the answer is yes but am i right im thinking that the alloys for a focus st (18" ones) will fit on a standard 09 focus zetec currently on 16" but with 5 nuts? Also if thats the case anyone know where i can get a set of 4 from cheaply (ebay obv.) Cheers
  3. Cheers for the link, looks like i should have bought the zetec s too!...oh well - do you reckon that if i take the part numbers into a dealership (dagenham motors is my nearest) they can order them and fit them?
  4. Id say its worth attending just to see if its the same lot...you could always turn the job down saying you have a better offer etc. Been in sales and it aint worth the hassle!
  5. Cheers mate looks like parrot is the way forward. Was finding it kinda hard looking for the ford parts anyway. Out of interest would you know how easy these are to fit? I know you need the iso adaptor but is it a case of plug it in and leaving it or messing about with wires....had a ton of issues with a fiesta before.
  6. Hi everyone, new to the focus community although ive had a ford since 2003. Now got a focus zetec 1.6 (the one in my photo) and im looking to give it more of a sporty look so if anyone has any ideas- feel free!
  7. Hi guys...noob to the focus community so go easy! Can you add the bluetooth module to the cd6000 model or would i need to integrate a parrot system for example. I basically want to be able to use the existing head unit and make calls like that. Do you guys reckon this is a good idea or should i get something else to do the same job?
  8. Sorry to dig up an old post but did you ever manage to do this?