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  1. Hi All This forum will be getting a mention in the buying guide as we found a car for the photoshoot thru' you so thank you for that. We are now at the next stage and we need to find a mechanic / garage that does work on Mk3 Escorts and has one (or more) in at the moment that we can photograph on a ramp and also show where any problems could occur. The section will also have the garage owner / mechanics thoughts on the car and will detail what services are on offer. Ideally you need to be situated in the Midlands area but if there is a stand out business that forum users recommend then that's where we will try and get to. Any recommendations will be followed up or if you are a garage owner who can help please let me know either via this forum or to: vicky@magiccarpics.co.uk Many thanks for your time Vicky
  2. Practical Classics Photoshoot Plea

    Hi I will say yes to the classics question. There are many ways of saying cars are classics but I think one of the most basic is the insurance way, so cars that over over 15 years and certainly over 20 years are regarded as classics. The MkI certainly falls into that now so should be considered for a buying guide. Thanks Vicky
  3. Dear All I am currently looking for a MkI Mondeo for a photoshot to illustrate a Practical Classics buying guide. The car needs to be a standard spec car but any spec will be considered, basically the car should be non-modified. Ideally the car needs to be a 'colour' as white cars tend to get lost in a white studio and black cars can make the page look very monochromatic, but this can be worked with. The studio where the shoot will take place is in Derby so the car needs to be taken there, but we do pay fuel expenses up to £100 so hopefully this widens the search area to a few people. Also the owner will get a set of the pictures from the day for their own personal use along with a copy of the magazine. We do have a few weeks to sort this so if you are interested please drop me a line either via this forum or to: vicky@magiccarpics.co.uk along with a photo or two that I can put under the Art Ed's nose for reference and I can answer any further questions that you have regarding the shoot. Many thanks for your time. Vicky Dredge
  4. Folks, I research the buying guides for Practical Classics magazine and the next one I’ve been asked to do is on the Ford Escort MkII. Therefore, I need to find a tidy MkII, which I can put into the studio to photograph for the piece. Can you please get in touch with me if you’ve got a car that we can put in the studio – it needs to be a tidy example that hasn’t been modified. The spec doesn’t matter, but we can’t use black or white cars and I’d rather not have silver. There will only be studio photography of the car, so there will be no dynamic shots taken at all. Only you will drive the car and you can stay with it at all times. If you think you might be able to help, could you drop me a line please, either via this forum or direct to my email address (vicky@magiccarpics.co.uk) – attaching photos if you want to. In return for the use of your car (which nobody but you will drive), you'll get your costs paid, and a full set of the pictures (a studio shoot isn’t cheap!). You'll need to be able to give up a few hours to take your car to our studio in Derby or Hampshire; it would obviously be best for us to get someone reasonably close to either or these locations. Thanks for your time, Vicky