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  1. Thanks again for the info, delboy! It's good to know that my Ka has a good engine - I plan to continue to treat it with care and get the best I can out of it! No need to apologise for the mis-spelling - pesky computer keyboards have a lot to answer for!! :) Thanks again for the brilliant advce! :)
  2. Mornin' delboy Thanks again for the valuable info! :) I've just checked the manual and my engine is a 1.3l Endura-E - ?the same as yours? My Ka is a petrol 1.3l (sorry for my ignorance, but what does mkdel mean?!) and mine's a 52 plate. It's just had a full service and I will make a note to get the auxillary belt changed around the 60k miles mark - thanks for that! It's good news that it has a cam chain instead of a cam belt? Also, what with the price of fuel these days, I've been trying to keep to a max of 55-60mph on the motorway (I'm sure I'm annoying those drivers behind me - if so, humble apologies!), and have noticed a huge difference with fuel economy. I've read conflicting reports on the fuel economy of the Ka, but I seem to do ok! I'm glad I found this chat forum - it's great to find people with good knowledge on the Ka. As you may have gathered, I'm a complete novice, but I love and respect my little Ka and it's good to chat with like-minded individuals! :)
  3. Hi delboy - many thanks for your information - it's very helpful. Hope you don't mind me asking but what is the 2002 engine like (you mention that you have the 'older' engine). Is the engine my Ka has as good as yours???!! (Sorry if it's a stupid question!). Also, I've read things about cam belts and cam chains! I don't know which one my car has - do you?! Thanks! :)
  4. Thanks guys - very helpful of you!
  5. Hello Everyone I'd like some information if possible on how much mileage one can expect from their Ka? I have an entry level model, 6 years old now and mileage is 42,750. I take good care of it and have it serviced regularly and don't drive it hard (I never go above the speed limit)! The driving I do is mainly M-way. Thanks!!