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  1. Hi guys, Thanks for all the advice, it will come in handy! The bf is a baja beetle diy-er so he's very capable, and he knows lots of people in the trade so getting a discount would be sweet! Thanks again! Susan
  2. Hello all, does anybody have any advice on front brake pads and discs? I need new ones and the bf is happy to fit them himself but we're not sure which make to get. Have found some Mintex on ebay but they seem a bit too cheap! thanks Susan
  3. Hi Johnie Thanks for that, at least now I have considerably more detail than before. Will get the bf to read your message and have a look! I have become accustomed to using my rev counter and what gear I'm in to guess my speed! Susan
  4. Hi Johnie Don't suppose you'd be willing to divulge the location of the sensor? I need to check mine on my MK6 fiesta but can't find it! The Haynes is too vague in description. Imagine I'm stood in front of the car facing it, is it on the left or right side? My speedometer just randomly drops to zero, stays there for a while then pings back up again. Hope you get your issue sorted soon! Susan
  5. Hello, I have the infamous needle dropping to 0 problem on my fiesta and can't find the VSS despite looking in the Haynes. Can somebody give a vague hint of the general area on the picture below? Thanks!
  6. In the end I got a slightly different one: So far have plugged it in and it all works fine, easy to navigate as well. Tomorrow will be seeing if it can diagnose my parent's Golf's problems!
  7. Hi and thanks for the reply. It is just for my own use and like you I can't really tell what the extra money would get me other than tha ability to see pretty graphs I won't understand, so I think I'll go simple (and cheap!) Thanks! Susan
  8. hello all, I was wondering if anybody would like to share some opinions on buying my own code reader so that I can possibly save a few pounds in the long run. Am I correct in thinking this would be fine for my Mk6 fiesta? and should I go for that one or the cheaper one? thanks in advance...
  9. Apparently not. Was taken in on Wednesday and told them there was no rush. End of Wednesday they mentioned that the bolts had seized and they'd gotten the old cat out but not had time to put the secondhand one in. Next day, the mechanic sheduled to do the work on my car phoned in sick. Today, they were putting the new cat in and punctured an aircon hose. Oopsy! May now be getting a courtesy car for the weekend, poor fellows- soooo out of pocket and they'll probably never let me book my car for work there again!
  10. Hahaha, I don't know what you mean. ;) After what my car's been through recently (see updated catalytic woes thread) I'm not gonna be hurling a brick at it!
  11. Mine's been like this for a couple years at least, I figured it was burnt out elements (they are so thin!) and that the only fix was a new windscreen and I'm not gonna pay for that! Let us know if you do manage to fix it cos the stripey clearing bugs me no end!
  12. Bizarrely the Vospers in Plymouth (where I live) quoted me £180 labour, the Ford Dealer in Kingsbridge (where I work) quoted me £40 labour. Guess who I've booked in with :D No idea how they think they'll get it done that quickly though!
  13. Hi all and thanks for the replies. We were already using oil before we knew there was a problem, alas that didn't work. Due to access being so awkward, we weren't really able to figure how to get a heat source on it. Will be phoning around for quotes in a bit, see if we can get it done at a reasononable price. It's a learning experience this!
  14. I got a secondhand cat delivered this week, but the boyfriend (who is very capable when it comes to cars) and his mate (who works in a VW garage) cannot change the cat over. Reason? After jacking onto ramps and removing the air cleaner, the next step is to remove the two nuts on the manifold. Will.not.budge. Access to said nuts is appalling, but even when finally got a spanner on it, the whole engine is rocking and the nut won't loosen. Has anybody successfully changed the cat on a Mk6 fiesta zetec at home?!?! Got any advice? Was really hoping to save some money on this but seems like it's off to the garage again!
  15. Well that's not good, but according to my other half, our particular cat is a pain to replace, so hopefully we're safe!