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  1. 1.8 Petrol (2008) Duratec He Titanium

    i also have noticed a slight shudder when at idle doesnt happen all the time though mine is a 2010 1.8 zetec ..what revs are showing at idle mine is about 800 ..
  2. no its not that ian ... this happens on "some" cars only when starting up and driving forward ar about 12mph
  3. i had a search on the net as well and yes you are right it appears lots of cars do this but not all ?
  4. thanks.... it does seem to be more common than the dealers are saying then
  5. Cheap Oil At Asda

    its the same oil 5w30 castrol magnetic but in 1ltr bottles at £3 per ltr meaning 4 ltr would cost just £12 it normally sells about £8 per ltr
  6. this is the first time i have heard it on any car never mind fords and it is a bit off putting when you hear it ...still i am waiting for the letter from the ford dealer saying that it is "normal" and there is nothing wrong
  7. hi wizz is it the same as mine at about 12mph a clunk like sound from under the car ?
  8. no its just pot luck i think ..it doesn't matter if you have drums or disks on rear the ford mechanic told me it goes back a few years this problem but ford wont do a recall check as ...quote "there is nothing wrong the car is only self checking"
  9. Cheap Oil At Asda

    asda are selling 5w 30 oil full synthetic for £3 a ltr down from £8 but only in ltr bottles ...the 4ltr bottles are about £26 so good saving to be had
  10. i have never heard this noise before on any car which is why i have pursued it with ford uk so we will wait and see what the letter says the ford mechanic says he as come across this before but not common .
  11. hi funny you saying that but i have asked ford uk for a written confirmation on this .. they say they will tell my local agent to write to me i have even spoken to the mechnic based there and he says that he as come across this before on a number of occasions and that ford say it is "normal"i am not so sure ...ok the brakes are fine.. it is just a clunk and only once after start up and moving... no grinding noise just this one "clunk" anyway we see what the letter says when it comes ...thanks for your info
  12. hi dave yes i would be interested to hear what they say but they insist that there is nothing wrong [ford uk] but why then the "clunk" at 12 mph
  13. hi and thanks chris . yes i have just been to the local ford agent here on anglesey ..they said much the same thing to me that it was the ABS self testing and there was nothing wrong ..i wasnt happy about this and phoned up ford direct from the agents and spoke to a engineer there ..he confirmed that it did happen on some cars and not on others and that there was plans to recall them ..i am still not happy about it and told him so and feel that there should be a recall on the cars that have this problem , because what ever they say it is not right to hear this noise.. plenty of mechanics have told me that .
  14. yes i did check the air con ..but its not that ..like i said it only does it on start up and when the car reaches about 12mph and not again ..