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  1. hi me and my dad have just bought a st170 focus and we have ripped eveything out and turnd it in to a race car and he wont let me do rally straight away and hes let me do track days and i wnt to know what i need do i need tax mot and insurance or can i just tow it dnt to a track and tharsh away please help i hate it jsut beign sat there
  2. shes nyc mate where did u get the lights from ? and what size alloys u put on her?
  3. it also could be that the one of the wheels isnt tight enough just quick check that mate
  4. or8 mate ive got the same problem with my car and so have a few others and there is a forum where we have been trying to find the problems so check out the forum called car just dies alot of inof hope this helps
  5. lol good point but its still !Removed! me off lol ill see if i can get it sorted this week lol hope u find the problme to urs soon mate
  6. cheers for that mate thats helped alot
  7. beutiful car mate take care of her lol oh nice legs lol
  8. oh right ok tar mate is there anyway of narrowing the problem down coz ive just my misses a new modeo and i aint got a lot of cash left and i dont want to replace alot of things lol and i dont want to replace the car coz i love it lol
  9. whats idle control mate lol
  10. same here mate
  11. yes mate it just dies it doesnt splutter its like its been turned off and no it doesnt do it all the time it only does it now and again it had done it twice in the last week
  12. myn starts back up tho and runs lol what engine is urs mate?
  13. hey the other day i was driving my car and i stopped at some traffic lights and all of a sudden it just died :( the batterys fine coz everything still lights up can any one help oh i have a focus any help will be great full thanks
  14. thanks for ya help mate and thanks for the welcome
  15. cheers mate