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  1. It will get worse as the weather cools off. The cooler air is denser and harder to push through, lubricant in the axles and drive train is also stiff until you've driven for a bit. Heat being on should not have a noticeable effect on MPGs, its not like air conditioning.
  2. If I'm driving moderately, 28 MPG for the 2.0 (Remember these are US gallons). Normal driving is 25 MPG, and if I really have fun it gets down to about 22 MPG. I managed to hit 47 MPG once by setting the cruise at 45 MPH for 45 miles. This was going through Chicago in the middle of the night when there was no traffic and the speed limit actually was 45 MPH for 45 miles. I have the 2.0 Ecoboost 28 US MPG = 33 MPG 25 US MPG = 30 MPG 47 US MPG = 56 MPG
  3. I just remembere this thread while looking through some old photos - here's a few more pictures from that Escape in snow ​ This was after taking it down a road with snow high enough to blow over the hood as we drove along ​ This is one of the dirt roads that I liked to drive on, as you can see it is plowed but really sloppy ​ This road just got BAD after this point. It says "Minimum maintenance road. Travel at your own risk" on the sign. It got really, really muddy. There was mud on top of the car after driving on this road, it was like driving in soup.
  4. Are you talking about the active park assist - parallel parking feature? no, you can't add that later, not without a lot of work. If you're just wanting the reverse sensors that beep if there is something behind you or in front of you when parking, yes you can add those. They are available here: I believe a dealer has to install them as features have to be enabled in the computer.
  5. I've seen my dad take up 5 parking spaces at once - with a Toyota Corolla
  6. Yeah the Titanium gets all of that, but its cost quickly approaches that of a luxury car. For example, the base model is $22,000, but the Titanium with AWD that I just bought was $37,000 (MSRP). I got it for about $4,000 off after rebates and a VERY nice trade-in valuation. The sunroof, navigation system, all-wheel drive, full-leather seats, and parking assist systems were the only options I had to get, everything else was in the base. We also get massively overpowered engines in ours :) Mine has a 240 HP, 270 lb-ft turbocharged gas engine and will do zero-60 MPH in well under 7 seconds. That's 243 PS and 365.6 Nm. The 1.8 liter Ecoboost is also offered here, but as the mid-range engine producing basically the same power output as the 1.8 liter in the UK.
  7. Up to this current model year, Ford used XL, XLS, XLT to describe the trim levels. Higher trim levels usually get a word (Like Lariat, Platinum, Titanium, King Ranch, Harley Davidson, Eddie Bauer) rather than an alpha code. Not sure why they changed to S, SE and SEL, other than they had been using those trim levels for decades. GM uses LS, LT, LTZ and then just like Ford use a word for the highest trim level (Now they use "Denali" but they used to use "Silverado") I'm very surprised Ford released the new vehicle styles here first - we've been complaining for years that Ford makes amazing small vehicles in Europe but their American small vehicles were the butt of jokes, the Festiva being the worst.
  8. That radio isn't available here in any configuration I could find. We both have the premium Sony radio, but mine uses a touch display instead of physical buttons. Trim levels from least expensive to most expensive - S, SE, SEL, Titanium SEL and Titanium both have the MyFord Touch 8" display that mine has, the SE is the only trim level to have the MyFord display like yours has. The S trim level has no My Ford display at all, intended for rental fleets.
  9. I think that may just be from having different trim levels than any real difference between the two vehicles. The center console I have is a fairly expensive upgrade from the base radio. Is your engine as packed in there as mine is? I don't think Ford could possibly cram a larger engine into the thing.
  10. Pictures of the American version of the Kuga (The "Escape") interior.
  11. Sure, I can snap a few - I'll make a new thread
  12. Where do you see tire damage? I just see snow, ice and water.
  13. The tread design is a bit odd to say the least. Never really looked up close at it before. Pictures attached. We actually wound up getting quite a bit of snow - I think one of the roads I was on had over 8 inches on it. I probably should have slowed down a bit :)
  14. Any vehicle with traditional 4WD will want to go in a straight line when 4WD is engaged - there is no differential between front and rear axles. They are locked together and at least one wheel on both axles will turn at the same speed. It won't matter how good the tires are - in deep snow, with 4WD engaged, a traditional 4WD vehicle is not going to turn well. These Kugas/Escapes have all-wheel drive (Ford calls it Intelligent 4WD over here) - they dont exactly have a differential between the front and the rear, but the clutch pack system should just be called a differential for lack of a better term. The system works very well, and you can turn with ease even in deep snow. The tires themselves look like they would hate snow - no cross-siping at all, just three grooves al the way around. I'm really surprised at how well they perform. I'll try to get a picture of one on here to see if they are the same pattern as yours.
  15. I took it down every unpaved snow covered road I could find :) I need some mud flaps before the snow melts, I winced every time I heard a rock bounce along the undercarriage on the bare patches of dirt. Both the roads in the pictures are paved with asphalt, the dirt roads don't really offer any convenient areas to pull off and snap a photo.