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  1. Shock Absorber Rusted Out

    Photo of the problem has been placed in Gallery #Misc Images / Banners / Avatars
  2. Fiesta 2005

    Ford Fiesta Rusted Shock Absorber
  3. Shock Absorber Rusted Out

    The wifes wonderful little 'shopping basket' Fiesta 2005 1.6 Auto bought new and regularly serviced and warranted by the Ford dealership, in fact thats the only time the bonnet gets opened except to add washer fluid, failed its 1st independant warrant of fitness when they noticed the top left shock absorber cup filled with rusty water. Back to the dealership which has had to replace the whole shock for the typical large $$$ we have to pay in this part of the world. What is annoying is we cant see how water has just started to get into this spot (guess in the last 6 months) nice of Ford to have a water cup holding point cant see any drain in the shock top cup. Job just finished by dealership and after its parked outside in rain, the new cup is filled with water again with no obvious drip route. Also noted right hand cup is partially filled with water also but that position has no black bolted on plate. Any advice appreciated, Maybe dry both cups out fully and pack with grease or silicon a rubber cap over both holes? Got a good pic, if I can figure how to upload.