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  1. Thanks for your reply. I have my car serviced every year with my MOT so it was probably March. I assume filters etc were replaced then. The light coming on doesn't seem be affected by temperature, how I'm driving e.g stopped, on the motarway etc. or how long I've been driving - it seems totally random...
  2. Hi, I have a 09 Ford Ka zetec (new style). A few months back the engine warning started coming on. It goes on & off. It really varies - It could be off for a month or be on & off every few days. The car has done around 66,000 miles. I had a friend who was a mechanic look at it and run the diagnostic machine it wasn't showing any error readings however it kept happening so he tried a different type of machine which showed it was something to do with the throttle body. He asked a friend who works at a Ford garage and he said this is an issue with some Ford's and replacing the throttle body doesn't necessarily resolve the problem. It seems to come on more often at the moment and I've also noticed - * Sometimes if the light is on it the car isn't very powerful. Struggling up hills and only getting to a maximum of 70mph. * When I put petrol in 99% of the time this will turn the engine light off. Any ideas? Is the throttle body the likely issue? Thanks, Danielle
  3. Engine Breather Pipe Recall

    I wasn't told about this as such (I'm not the 1st owner of the car, don't know if that why) but I took my car (09 ka zetec) into a Ford garage the other week and they told me there was a recall and changed it that afternoon but didn't explain any more.
  4. Knocking When Breaking

    Mine started to do this (my previous 2002 Ford Ka). It turned out one of the brakes had worped (sp?).
  5. Second Service For Ka Mk2

    I paid just over £100 for mine (not with a Ford garage but all genuine Ford parts). However my Ka also has a lot more miles then 6k.
  6. Leak in brand new Ka

    Hi, I've just got my Ka back. Thee leak appears to be sorted (so fingers crossed). The garage said it was somthing to do with the door.
  7. Leak in brand new Ka

    Hi, Just thought I'd add my expereince. I bought a 2009 Ford Ka Zetec mk2 in November 2010. After a month I noticed the rear passenger footwell was wet! I kept an eye on it over xmas and then booked it into my local Ford garage. Speaking to Ford Customer relations (I had a case number etc) and the garage, as the car is out of its first years warrenty its not covered. The garage wanted over £300 off me just to investigate the problem!! Ford wouldn't wave this only said they would look at good will once they worked out what the problem was. Luckly I bought the car from a garage and they have agreed to look at my car and fix the problem free of charge but after reading this I don't know how easy it will be to sort this issue out. Moral of the story, don't expect much from your Ford Warranty.