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  1. I have them to stop wind noise buffeting my ears when driving with windows partially open. They stop rain getting in when you open window a couple of inches for fresh air. They also help shade your eyes when sun is setting side on, they help reduce that annoying sun/dark/sun on your face. Only down side is they make front pillar seem a lot wider, so you need to be extra careful at roundabouts and junctions. Personnel choice but I like them.
  2. BP Ultimate has the same cleaning property. I use it all the time. Doesnt sound like a diesel taxi anymore. Used Shell for a while but developed a power stutter after 20 mins. Felt as tho about to stall so just use BP now. ++ BP have never sold me a tank full of water!!!!!!!!
  3. If its a new engine. And you use good quality fuel. Dont waste your money, on a old car thats done nothing but stop/start it might help. But if you give it a good run out now and then and tank up with a high spec fuel occasionally that should be enough.
  4. Check the Ford website to see all the commands available. Many available but only a few easy to remember, I made a little card up in case I forgot. When entering a phone number 077XX start with a 'zero' or it wont recognise number. On the iphone if you have someones numbers (work/home) under one name. You will have to store them separate.Dave work or Dave home or Dave mobile.
  5. Did update over week ago. Started getting problems again. 'Cannot read' and missing the data as to whats playing. possibly update not upto scratch?
  6. From the album 1.6TDCi

  7. From the album 1.6TDCi

  8. From the album 1.6TDCi

  9. It will display 99% because when you coast......your not using any fuel.
  10. I now use BP ultimate exclusively, my average from new is 62mpg. I only used normal diesel for 3 gas visits with only the first being to gas up to full so cannot say if big power difference. However for lack of taxi rattle and hopefully the better benefits for the engine and DPF, I,m quite happy to pay a couple of quid extra per tank fill. Especially as to what I waste the rest on!
  11. Congratulations to Ford for getting update out and allowing us to install ourselves without paying dealers. Installed mine today. Never got 'Update successful' on display but play information now showing via bluetooth. Only time will tell if its a good update that solves all issues like getting booted off phone calls. Mine made a call last night after it refused to connect and I was kicked off, yet caller received but heard nothing. Had a problem with usb stick as car said no files found. Had to remove files from folder(un-zipped already) and tried again.
  12. Who has a iphone 4 with this problem showing up on connection via bluetooth who has had a update from ford dealer that removed the problem????? My dealer claims I have the latest bluetooth software. So I still have the problem on connection, the occasional drop out and no info displayed. And what year/month is your car? Are you Ford or Sony sound system??
  13. Ask driving instructor with a Fiesta how dual controls fitted, for piece of mind. I,d get those sealed good and proper before adding padding on top. You dont want to risk water leakage. And treat the edge of drill hole with a anti rust agent 1st. Winters coming, salt, snow, rain, freezing temps. You dont want water ingress this time of year.
  14. How much for the remap??
  15. And your gonna get no where near those figures unless you drive downhill allday!! In a empty car with a tail wind. My current average is 61mpg after 6700 miles.