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  1. Speedo Not Working

    I have just checked the dash using the diagnosis procedure in the sticky. All the dials work fine and the MPH speed reads correct (when the speedometer works) When the speedo drops to 0 so does the digital dial, does this indicate a problem with the VSS? How much am I looking at to get the VSS looked at and fixed? Also my check engine light came on this morning (bottom left amber one). related?
  2. Speedo Not Working

    I've had the same problem with the volume and smooth running at low revs. I will check the vvs. Thank you!
  3. Speedo Not Working

    Hello, My speedo has been a bit flakey lately where is would just suddenly drop to 0 for a while then pick itself back up. Now it seems as though it doesn't want to work at all. The digital trip counter is also not incrementing neither are the miles. Is there anyway I can fix this? Regards, Andrew
  4. Hello, Just now while driving home I noticed my gear stick would not return itself to the centre (between 3-4) from the left side (between 1-2). It still works fine from the right, is this something which I can fix easily? It's quite annoying to drive like it is. Thank you.