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  1. MK 4 Cab no spark?????

    it doesnt have a immoberliser. wish it was that simple.
  2. MK 4 Cab no spark?????

    Hi guys and guys I transferred a EFi Xr2i engine into what was my Xr3i MFi cab. both cvh engines . so i swapped my MFi loom for a EFi loom and did the same with the ECU but I have no spark? Ive done various continuity tests, ive checked all earths and have tested the CPS anyone got any other ideas as to why she isnt running? im desperate, im driving a battered 206 atm and im hating it. any help or advice would be much appreciated.
  3. Introductions .....

    Hi everyone, I'm Tacha,22 im studying motorsport engineering atm. I own a mk4 escort cabriolet, (although shes dead atm with no spark!!!!!!HELP!!!!) mods so far...... 16" OZ alloys lowered white interior retrim white bucket seats XR3i 90 spec loom xr2i engine, with uprated piston, fast road cam, vernier pulley, ported and polished head, chipped ECU scorpion exhaust respray from white to moonstone. my partener owns a 2wd saph cossie so once the engine rebuilds finished hopefully ill get to play in that.