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  1. WIPERS!!

    i changed the stalk cos i broke the indicator side just the plastic which connected it to the rest of the unit all the electrical components were working fine before i changed them over
  2. WIPERS!!

    the stalk has been correctly fitted and now when the old stalk is refitted it still doesn't work. i checked the fuses by the steering wheel and none seem to have blown what i'll do is buy a job lot of fuses and change the lot as i haven't a clue which one is for the wipers i'll also take the new unit off and make sure the connections are kosher and i'll let you know how things work out
  3. WIPERS!!

    hey all i'm new to the forum so be gentle lol this morning i changed my indicator/wiper stalk on my mk5 fiesta and since the change my wipers don't work. they stuttered when i changed the stalk over but now they don't work at all even when i put the old stalk back on it made no difference. looking over the fuses i can't see any which have blown so i'm hoping it's not the motor packed in. has anybody else had any similar problems? all the best Jamie