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  1. Hi folks, my brothers owns a Fiesta mk5[?]. It's a 5 door, 1.3 petrol finesse. He came home from work today and asked me to take a look at it, as it was chugging and had a loss of power. First thing i noticed was it seemed to be idling a bit rough, slightly below 750rpm, while warm. I know they go down to around 750rpm when warm but it was fluctuating a bit up and down and chugging. Also, his engine management light was on. I was just wondering is there a procedure you can go through to check what fault code it's throwing up? Something similar to ones in the likes of toyota, where it'll flash the engine management light a certain number of times to tell you a specific thing that's wrong. Excuse my ignorance on the topic, I've never worked on a fiesta like this before. My guess was either a simple serive, plugs leads etc, or the lmbda/02 sensor might be at fault. Any helps appreciated. Cheers, Paul