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  1. Bluetooth Help!

    i do relise this may be a repost so sorry if it is but is there anyway to fit this Ford BT Kit to this CD6000 or is it not possible? or does this have the option of bt?? Sony cd3xx please advise
  2. Key Issue

    Hi guys I just purchased a 57 focus tdci, now the previous owner only had one key! Is there somewhere cheap to get copies only prob I have is the key I got doesn't have the red Mark on!?
  3. Help With Keys!

    Hi I have just purchased a focus 57 plate with only one set of keys! And it's not the red dot key how do I get some copy's made and is there somewhere were I can get it done for a good price cheers
  4. 1.8 Tdci Mods And Foc Stickers

    Hi i have just bought a 57 plate 1.8 tdci, i was just wondering as its my first diesel what sort of mods you can do on the engine to boost performance and is there a owners club car sticker availble?? cheers
  5. Ford Focus 2007 Aux Problems

    hi i had the problem of no aux socket in my glove box! mines a 57 focus. all i did was get this kit for £19 Aux lead kit and watch this video it took me 10 mins to do and i am no technical wizard! the hardest bit was getting a 20mm round saw bit like this hole saw to put hole in glove box now got aux cable and iphone plays through it fine no probs