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  1. I found scrapyards near me didn't have any fiesta space savers so I got a Focus space saver spare (must have 4 bolt holes, some focus wheels seem to have 5 bolt holes having had a quick look on Ebay). The focus space saver with a jack and wheel brace are brand new and cost me £42.50. It is a 15" steel wheel with a Pirelli 125/80 R15 tyre fitted. It fits the space in the fiesta boot just fine and I tried in on the car today, drove round the block and everything was well. Overall outer circumference of the tyre is near as dammit the same as the low profiles fitted on 16" alloys on the car so everything is fine for me with no fouling on the bodyywork or brake calipers etc (the tyre is narrower). The standard space saver for a new fiesta is a 14" wheel I believe but I think the ST comes with a 15" wheel which I think is the same as the focus one I have got. I have ordered a focus bolt to hold the spare down (shorter version around 12cm long) so will give that whirl and report back and let you know if its works.
  2. Hi, have picked up a space saver wheel from a Focus to use on our 2010 Fiesta Zetec 1.6 S. All seems fine with the size (it is a 15" space saver wheel with a 125/80 R15 tyre) but struggling to see which securing bolt would work and if the bracket in the boot it would screw into is complete: I need a bolt approx 12-13cm long as this is the distance from the top of the centre hole in the steel wheel and the bracket in the base of the boot. Also, the bracket in the base of the boot has a larger centre hole and then hole either side - the central larger hole is not threaded but the holes either side both are threaded. I have a jack and brace but the securing bolt side of things is what I am struggling with, can anyone help with advice ? Should I buy a Focus securing bolt (as its a focus wheel) or a Fiesta bolt ?